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Most ornamental Ficus are used as interior trees; however, a few are shrublike or grow as vines (Henley and Poole 1989).F. Farm Life grows the Alli as a standard in 17 - … There are 2542 ficus for sale on Etsy, and they cost $153.56 on average. Rated 4.86 out of 5 $ 54.00 – $ 131.00 Select options; Phoenix canariensis, Canary Island Date Palm, Pineapple Palm. The genus Ficus consists of more than 800 species, many of which are desirable foliage plants. Ficus elastica. Categories: ... On sale. Allow soil to dry between between waterings. This evergreen houseplant has long stems and the long leaves give the indoor tree a bushy appearance. Size: 6-8 feet. Appreciates bright, indirect light. Ficus maclellandii alii (Banana Leaf Fig) SmallSpaceStigma. Buy rare & unusual tropical indoor plants online. The Narrow Leaf fig (Ficus maclellandii ‘Alii’) is another species of ficus tree that grows well indoors. Plants that Detoxify the Air. $ 57.00 – $ 141.00 Select options; Phoenix roebelenii, Pygmy Date Palm, Roebelenii palm. It is probable that the commonly sold bonsai plants called Ficus macrocarpa in the nursery trade are actually Ficus microcarpa, though I cannot find verification of this hypothesis. Botanical Name: Ficus maclellandii. Ficus Alii, or Ficus maclellandii Alii Fig/ Banana-Leaf Fig (Ficus maclellandii) Write to Vendor. Ficus maclellandii 'Alii' - Alii Fig Alii Fig is a moderate growing upright plant that tolerates low light. Provide filtered sunlight or bright indirect light. SKU: FICLON400: Barcode: 101726413938: Shipping Weight: 9.0000kg: Be The First To Review This Product! ***This photo does not necessarily reflect what is currently available at Evergreen Nursery*** It exhibits a true tree form with a narrow trunk topped with willow-like branches that will broaden for a full canopy as it matures. Although it can grow to 10 to 12 feet in height, the Banana Leaf Ficus is becoming a popular houseplant. If your ficus tree has outgrown its old pot, prepare a … 541-991-6804. It is prunable to control size and shape. This is also called the Banana fig, Alii fig, or Banana-leaf ficus. Sale! Braided Ficus Alii Trees for Sale Online Commonly known as Ficus Alii, this elegant house plant is grown as a tree with long solid green foliage. The horticultural industry began offering Ficus maclellandii Alii in the late 1980s. Ficus binnendijkii 'Alii', Ficus maclellandii 'Alii', Long Leaved Fig - Large, Tree Large live, healthy plant in an 8-10 inch pot. The Long-leaf Fig is a relatively new cultivar with superior ability in holding leaves compared with ficus benjamina cultivars. The leaves (grow to be 3-10 inches long) emerge red, but later turn dark green and become leathery. $30. It is a shrub or little tree with long, saber-shaped leaves. Overwatering or Underwatering Ficus Alii. They droop gracefully from the tree, adding an exotic or tropical look to your home. It look best for dark spots and is a hardy indoor plant which grows bushier. This makes for a wonderful houseplant, and kind of a boring writing topic. The leaves are 8–13 cm and uniquely dimorphic; with narrow leaves on the lower, sterile branches and broader leaves on the higher branches. Premier Landscaping & Yard Care. Ficus maclellandii 'Alli': Numerous long thin tropical leaves fill out the canopy and give the Alli a whole lot of character. This tree is a beautiful addition to any indoor environment. The leaves are 8-13 cm and uniquely dimorphic; with narrow leaves on the lower, sterile branches and broader leaves on the higher branches. Ficus maclellandii (common name Alii fig or banana-leaf fig) is a species of fig plant native to India, Southeast Asia and China. Free Estimates happily given. Fertilize seasonally to make sure the soil is pH neutral and has a healthy amount of nitrogen. The ficus Alii, or Amstel King as it is sometimes called, is a large plant that originally came from Asia, Malaysia, and India. From shop SmallSpaceStigma. 5 out of 5 stars (15) 15 reviews $ 14.00. Ficus trees are a family tropical plants, vines, and shrubs that make adaptable potted plants both indoors and outdoors. A slow growing lush green Ficus Maclellandii Allii It can be found in many forms, including bushes, braids, standards and spiraled trunks.

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