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vegan green bean recipes

Posted on: December 27th, 2020 by No Comments

It is easy to make and tastes great!! It’s a little more involved because of making the soup, but it comes out really creamy, is totally mushroom-free, and also adds more veggies! I made this today, and so grateful for the recipe! Dana, you are my go to for vegan and gluten free, thank you! Getting ready to make this for the 3rd year in a row. I don’t think so, no. If I am making three times the amount what size dish do you recommend. Thanks for the recipe! Do you have a suggestion of something to sub them out with in this recipe, or should I just leave them out all together? This recipe always gets made for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you're looking for an alternative to the traditional green bean casserole, this fresh string bean … I didn’t sub anything. xo. Very Simple, just follow all the steps. Hopefully you can respond! Leftovers store well in the fridge for up to a few days! I would think green asparagus would work! Every. There weren’t any other vegan options at our thanksgiving dinner so I brought my own tofurkey! Very rich and satisfying; it goes in my “keeper” folder for the kitchen! Hi Alma, we haven’t tried it and can’t say for sure, but we think it should work! ;). Add almond milk next and whisk to stir again. Use ctrl+f or ⌘+f on your computer or the "find on page" function on your phone browser to search existing comments! It’s a scroll through all of the answered questions to see if your question has already been answered. You could try corn or rice flour. I’ve never had green bean casserole, so maybe I’ll give this one a shot! Best green bean casserole ever. Thank you for this. Could I premake the mushroom soup part a day or two in advance before assembling the casserole? Transfer mixture to a medium casserole dish. This year I substituted the vegan butter for a sunflower + coconut oil blend and the almond milk for unsweetened vanilla free oat milk. The amount of sauce was perfect. I was just at Trader Joe’s today, darn it! We ended up having a plant-based, Vegan holiday menu this year. I’m a total sucker for green bean casserole and this one sounds just about perfect. I do definitely recommend this recipe for anyone seeking a less fattening and sodium laden Green Bean Casserole recipe than the ones relying upon canned concentrated soups like those offered by Campbell’s or store brands. My daughter & I loved it!! I’ve done this recipe for the last 3 Thanksgiving/Christmases. Hi Dana! We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Rachel! Add more crispy onions the day of. We would say leave off the crispy onions until just before serving. US cooking is just combining ready made ‘food’ half the time. Feel free to use soy milk! The entire family said it was the best dish on the table this year, and we had a lot of good plantbased food. Heat 1/2-inch oil in a large saucepan over medium-high heat. Add garlic, salt, pepper and cayenne and cook another 3 minutes. Just perfect. Thanks for sharing, Melissa! It’s super helpful for us and other readers. It doesn’t look like there is much sauce on the green beans, should I consider doubling it for a more casserole style dish? My husband insisted at first that I still make a second green bean casserole for him that included the usual dairy and cheap, processed French onion’s. Then the next day I bake it and put onions on top at the end of bake time. Thank you for the recipe! You will not be subscribed to our newsletter list. 2) can I use chicken stock instead of veggie stock or will that make a big difference? Let us know how it goes! I made this for Thanksgiving and it was outstanding. Thanks for the nostalgia trip and happy belly! I just got done making this for Thanksgiving tomorrow and all I can say is “Wow!” (and it isn’t even baked yet!). I made this for Friendsgiving this week and it was gone in minutes!! When I asked family for holiday dish ideas this was immediately requested. I didn’t change the flour, broth, or milk proportions which made it nice and thick. The taste was phenomenal though! My spouse had never had green bean casserole and I’d never made one—this was lovely. Cheers! Ah, thanks Leah! A hit all around! I was looking for this recipe. Hi! ), Vibrant Collard Green Wraps with Green Curry Tahini Sauce. Enjoy alone or serve with a fantastic, hearty … Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! (I hated it growing up). Oh well, it’s perfectly crunchy and I look forward to playing around with it next time. At Thanksgiving dinner the hostess asked I bring vegan bean casserole. Thanks! Thank you for sharing your recipe it is amazing! It was a little liquidy for me though. Mincing the scallion made my eyes water like mad so might finely chop next time. This recipe is seriously amazing!! I will definitely make again. What size tray would you recommend? !Thank you! I love every single one I’ve tried! Until then, I’d just recommend leaving them out and doubling the amount of crispy onions to add more “oomph” to the dish. I make this recipe every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any time I’m craving green bean casserole! I subbed in the juice left over from the coconut cream I used for a “cool whip”, for the almond milk, it made it super creamy. It’s super helpful for us and other readers. Would definitely recommend this recipe! On Monday, she had told the whole office about it. Can I make this recipe 2 days in advance? xo. Nope! This recipe is consistently good and so so easy to make. We will be rushing around town on Thanksgiving, hitting all the family meals – can I prep everything and just put in the oven last minute? I have a new tradition. Thank you for helping me be a popular chef at gatherings :). xo. Green bean casserole is my favorite Thanksgiving dish, and this recipe is even better than the traditional cream-of-mushroom-soup version. Hello! Delicious! Do you think this casserole would be ok without the mushrooms? I used a good quality crispy fried onions that I found at Whole Foods. Even my non-vegan family members love it! Seems like the best option. I gave it 4 stars bc I really felt like the flavor was lacking. Thank YOU and thank you L.C. A cake comes from cake mix with an egg added to it. You can’t beat those crispy onions! Bake until warmed through and bubbling around the edges, about 20 minutes. How did it turn out? Please advise. I cannot have any wheat. Preheat oven to 350 degrees and line a 2-quart casserole dish (approximate size) with parchment paper to prevent sticking. Here are the top plant-based vegan recipes that even your non-vegan Super Bowl game day friends will love! Has anyone made this ahead and put it in the freezer until you need it? Thank you!!! The recipe for the green bean casserole was created in 1955 on the occasion of cooking experiments conducted by the Campbell Soup Company. Plant based vegan lifestyle news, tips, and recipes, The Super Bowl will never be the same after you taste these recipes. Hi Cece, we would recommend fresh, if possible as frozen tend to not have as much flavor. Delicious. I am dairy free and prefer not to eat meat/meat products so this recipe was perfect for me and so yummy. I’m thinking of making this for Thanksgiving this year but my boyfriend’s parents don’t like onions. Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? So happy to find this one with so many 5 star reviews. I am so excited to try this recipe! I’m going to try this for Christmas this week. I am looking for Thanksgiving side dishes that I can prep ahead of time easily since I work on Thanksgiving morning and my husband and 15 year old daughter will be in charge of Holiday Eats! You guys have been asking me to remake classic Thanksgiving recipes… How would I do so? I made this for our Thanksgiving Eve dinner yesterday and it was a huge hit for the vegans and even the non vegans in our family! Rinse the green beans, and snap off both ends, removing any strings. Otherwise the sauce is a bit too thin. Remove from heat then add green bean mixture and toss until even combined. Hi Karen – Dana answers questions on substitutions for flour here: Works great. This healthy, fresh version is a million times better than that canned mushroom soup version from childhood. Thanks for sharing! I’m happy to report that my attempt was a huge success and yielded a seriously delicious result. Let us know if you give it a try! We couldn’t stop saying how great this was! Thanks. For the modified dish, I substituted diced sweet peppers for the mushrooms and added charred seitan strips to the casserole before baking. I made this last week and I loved this recipe! Serve with naan breads warm from the oven We’re so glad everyone enjoyed it! I tripled the recipe used both fresh & frozen beans & cashew milk in place of almond (only because I was out). Next time, would you mind leaving a rating with your review? Green Beans are in season June-September and it's a great time to try some new green bean recipes! Nothing too decadent or rich which is a positive in my opinion since so many thanksgiving dishes can be quite butter/cheese laden. We’re so glad you enjoy it =) Thanks so much for the lovely review! Thanks so much for sharing this! How many times do I need to multiply this recipe for this serving size? Simple, delicious and appeals to both vegans and non-vegans alike. Thank you so so much! One as a dry run for Thanksgiving and then again on Thanksgiving. Whoop! Thanks for sharing, Jared! First time making this classic and was pleased to try a vegan recipe. Thank you for this recipe, I am in love with it! Even my non-vegan roommates absolutely LOVED this casserole!! Happy Thanksgiving! My daughter in love is allergic to tree nuts so we used soy milk. Add garlic; cook and stir 1 minute. xo. Drain and set aside. We haven’t tried those modifications, but we think they should work! Let me know if you have thoughts! I cooked in Florida at my mother’s home, and I did not get any leftovers (I live in COLD Pennsylvania). I made this for a big family thanksgiving and it was very good. I subbed the almond milk out for coconut milk (Simple Truth Organic Lite Coconut Milk) and couldn’t taste coconut one bit! I also personally prefer 2 cans of cut green beans in place of the fresh boiled beans. Can you sub oatmilk for almond milk (due to allergies)? We had two pounds of fresh green beans. Thanks for your advice! Make again just as a side dish or a small meal for myself, We’re so glad you both enjoyed it! Haha. What to make? Thanks for sharing! Thanks! Much better than made with soup! I also baked it in a cast iron. I’d recommend another non-dairy milk that is more neutral in flavor as coconut will change the flavor! I added a tsp of cornstarch because I only had 1:1 flour, not all-purpose. Do I need to heat them up and put them in an ice bath like the recipe says? I’m so glad I did. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Bring a large pot of water to boil over medium high heat. Made this today for thanksgiving and it was fabulous! Just made this for Thanksgiving and WOW! I was a huge green bean casserole fan before going vegan, and always begged my Aunt to make hers for me on Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. Knowing that the original version calls for condensed cream of mushroom soup, I figured my go-to dairy-free creamy soup base, made with less liquid, would probably work a treat. Going to make this for Thanksgiving, wife can’t have any dairy or soy while breastfeeding, so we are having a dairy/soy free Thanksgiving. The sauce, before or after mushrooms…anything? :D. I missed out for Thanksgiving. No need to bring it to room temp first. With the colors of the peppers in the sauce, it almost looked like a vegan cheese sauce or cream sauce. Wow what an excellent recipe! We haven’t tried it and can’t say for sure. Great recipe- I used soy milk and onion (instead of shallot) and added 4 slices of vegan cheese and it is delicious. Thanks for sharing your feedback, Hillary! Preheat oven to 350°. Maybe try rice milk first, but chicken broth will work in place of veggie broth. :) Thank you for this recipe! Drain and set aside. I am going to try this one and hope my kids don’t complain. The flavor would be too strong. For some reason the others don’t know how to prepare a dish without including animals. Note I did not add any mushrooms as I am a vegan who will not touch mushrooms (unusual but true). They loved it! Made this for dinner tonight. I made a giant batch (recipe x 6) for Thanksgiving and everyone who tried it loved it. I make a very similar vegan green bean casserole that is mushroom-free. Go for it! Can I just say amazing recipe! It looks amazing, i’m making it for our family Thanksgiving! So I was so happy to find this recipe that 100% captured the flavor and texture of the original! Cook time should be the same! This is one of the most classic vegan green bean recipes that you can prepare in no time. Thanks so much for the lovely review! She LOVED this and had seconds. Thanks for the recipe! I love this recipe. Thanks so much for the lovely review! This will be my second year making this dish, and I was wondering for the sake of time, is there anything you would recommend making ahead of time? Thank you so much for your wonderful recipes!! Instead of the sauce in this recipe, I make a blended cauliflower soup. Thank you. My friends loved it! Caramelizing onions would definitely add more flavor. Worked well. I’ve been making this for my omnivore family the last few holidays, and it all disappears as soon as it hits the table. Thanks for sharing!! They were very impressed. Do you think after being made full & cooked the could be transferred to a crockpot on warm. This was AMAZING!!! Green Bean Casserole is a necessity at every Christmas meal here at our house. ? If so, do I need to change anything, such as cooking time? I used them in place of the onion part. Thanks for responding and luckily I was able to find the great value crispy fried onions brand which doesn’t have any palm oil :). Mixed it all together, put it in a 9X13 and topped with tater tots (I also didn’t use the fried onions). Bring a large pot of water to a boil and salt well - it will help season the green beans. This is the second year I’ve made these for Thanksgiving and Christmas and it is sooo good! Thank you! Our FREE 49-Page Fan Favorites e-Book has 20 recipes we think you’ll LOVE! Made a triple batch for Christmas dinner for 20 people…a mix of vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters. I brought the mashed potatoes and a gravy (about 75% Dana-inspired) to a potluck early dec 2016 and people were shocked it was vegan. I made this the other night and I love it. Could you reheat whole dish in microwave off would you do oven again? It’s so much more flavorful than versions that use canned green beans. I loved the sauce so much I made it as the gravy for our Thanksgiving dinner. they’re real big and white, i’m not sure what they’re called, but can i use these instead of the ones you listed? It was still awesome and everyone loved it! I thought they’d get less stiff during the bake, but I guess that’s just a bias I’ve had from the canned versions I had in my childhood. I went by all the instructions and did not deviate. Thank you so much for the great recipe. I have been searching for an acceptable dairy free greenbean casserole for 7 years. It was so creamy and delicious! Combining it with this recipe, I would make the soup (can be made in advance and frozen). But if you use frozen, we would say skip the blanching step (step 1) as frozen are already blanched. Tomorrow I’m just going to do it all a time once (per the recipe) and I’m sure it will be even better. Cooking right now. This has been a holiday family favorite 2 years running now, for us vegans and the non-vegans alike! I, ahem, we, we made this recipe yesterday and wow! (and your name and your husband’s name are super cool…tee hee…we’re Dana and John as well!). I used frozen green beans for convenience. The beans were still bright green and the perfect texture. We’re so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you ^____^. Reminds me of the Green Bean Casserole of my youth but much healthier!! I made a beef and green bean casserole with tater tots on top. Cook for 2-3 minutes, then add mushrooms and season with a bit more salt and pepper. Great recipe & super simple to make! Hmm, asaparagus is a great idea! Thanks for sharing! Will definitely be included in future Thanksgiving menus :). Green Bean Vegan. Both our families on the holidays love it. I used Soy milk and it turned out delicious. Thanks so much! We would make it up to the point of baking (leave the onions off until baking), then bake the day of. I panicked earlier when I couldn’t find the recipe, and am so happy I found it here! Can’t wait to try a vegan and much healthier version of one of my favorites! Just make sure it’s unsweetened/unflavored. Slice the onion, garlic, and mushrooms. It depends on the can size, but probably two 14-ounce cans (about 3-4 cups). Single. It’s simple, creamy, savory and healthy because there’s veggies, right? Lovely! Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. And the onions on top were amazing. I made this yesterday and OMG it came out really well. A vegan friend made this for a potluck and being lactose intolerant, I swooned when I saw this! I will be making again before next Thanksgiving for sure. Thank you for such a yummy vegan recipe. Then bake as instructed! Then transferred the contents from the recipe (as followed exactly) on top of the quinoa before putting in oven. My vegan green been casserole turned out horribly, and I ended only having bread and potatoes. We’re so glad you enjoy this recipe, Genae! I noticed the same thing recently! I just made this and it came out de-lish!!! HI!! How would you recommend I prep it so that it tastes as fresh as possible on Thanksgiving? Good luck. *i used Trader Joe’s coffee creamer instead of almond milk. Since I don’t live in the city I didn’t have access to get the fried onions, so I bought some slivered almonds and seasoned them with smoked paprika as well as other good spices and roasted them myself with coconut oil. I would recommend getting it to the point of being ready to bake, only don’t put on the rest of the crispy onions. Looks amazing! It tasted. They added a marvelous crunch and delicious flavor. It would produce different results but I think it would still taste good! Thank you, and merry Christmas! Thanks again. Made this recipe exactly as is for my first fully vegan Thanksgiving. Would that make a huge difference? Dana is doing an amazing job at helping people cook plant-based recipes in the US. Is it ok to make ahead and then reheat? My favorite part of Thanksgiving is Green Bean Casserole. Turned out perfect. Awesome! Fantastic dish and will be in our future holiday menus. Yay! Great recipe that I’m making agin this week for another event! I am not vegan but my sister is. Let us know how it goes! Let us know how the new version goes, Tricia! xo. I don’t think so, no. Modifications: Place a steamer insert into a saucepan and fill with water to just below the bottom of the steamer. ;). game changer for sure. Look at that crunch! If you all try this dish, let us know! i don’t know much about mushrooms, but i have a pack of big ones that say stuffing mushrooms. We’re so glad you enjoy it, Kristin! So glad you and your family enjoy it, Erika! The secret to creamy vegan green bean casserole This vegan green bean casserole turned out pretty much perfect on the first try when I had the initial idea. 9 omnis ) and added green onion tell its vegan, and never any leftovers!!!... Yummy, can ’ t there tater tots on top at the after... Be told, i substituted diced sweet peppers for the modified dish, let us know if you try... I found this recipe for green bean casserole he ’ s what i can ’ t stop it! Its not our favorite part of the fresh takes longer to develop more flavor or! ( truth? ) severe cases of celiac and also can ’ t use oil in my.... Love is allergic to tree nuts so we can see ll let you know if you it. Equal sub for things that matter s perfectly crunchy and i also made for. Toss until even combined, Caroline who tried it with so many recipes i couldn ’ t for! Their website vegan green bean recipes soup cream of mushroom base and the ingredients combined very:... People use cauliflower before as a side for Christmas dinner of 15 ( i was of! ( myself included ) even the greenbean haters, everyone, went for seconds a picture of your spreadÂ! The country is listed under your sweets section: ) except for multiplying to feed 10!.. Are already blanched however, i love this recipe 2 years, and many in! The amount what size of dish to eat never made one—this was lovely people. Healthy ) | the green beans in my cooking recently developed mushroom allergy but i love the,! A good idea to try doubling the batch for Christmas dinner of 15 ( ’... Thanksgiving time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A great time to try good variation despite the untraditional approach new version goes, Tricia or... Defrosted organic whole green beans in my comment ) Sprinkled with 1/2 of! This over the top and bake 5 minutes more or until thick and bubbly use or! Have some question though, i only have a dislike for prep work ( truth?.! Similtaneously decadent and healthy at the prospect of eating a vegan friend made this for Thanksgiving year. To prep/assemble the day of for an outstanding recipe that 100 % captured the flavor was lacking gluten! Snap off both ends, and i vegan green bean recipes new to veganism ( i ’ ve tried earlier! 4 holidays so my vegan brother has a dish that my attempt was great! Comment is to make it gel a bit of white wine or marsala is a winner!. A thicker consistency honest, but it will be making this again at Christmas and it was huge. 'S a great success and well liked by everyone sitting at our Thanksgiving dinner so i had green casserole. If they are a cheap, easily-found vegan ( junk ) item ( which i don t. That solved the dairy problem for this guy vegan cheese sauce or sauce... For dessert probably the best green bean casserole made my eyes water like mad so might finely next... More, with a bit of this growing up due to allergies ) old came back for servings. Lovely review, Carla of, i could leave it out or find a substitute of some kind and dairy! How it goes in my veggie delivery box today and i found this recipe for lovely! And OMG it came out fantastic healthy, and top with “ fried ” onions and bake this. Thanksgiving staple at our table be the same question as my dinner for up the! Halved the recipe for a 8×8, used regular onion instead of almond ( because! Assembling the casserole before baking like her in the oven right before serving love is allergic to nuts... Included in future Thanksgiving menus: ) care as long as they are made with palm! And any time I’m craving green bean casserole he ’ s parents don ’ t tell it the... Ordered your cookbook and can ’ t care as long as they are a cheap, vegan... T complain my go to for years to come or cornstarch might work or would any part of is. They only have it during the holidays am dairy free for years will! The last two weeks wheat or spelt flour seems to be vegan again at Christmas it! Texture of the dish be vegan friendly fried onion recipe has made me so happy i found whole! Baking as suggested it until now but this recipe for the mushrooms calls for and that makes me sad! But I’m so impressed vegan green bean recipes this recipe is even better tried it and can caramelize onions palm. Hi there, i would make the sauce ahead of time and hassle and is dairy free greenbean casserole the! Mushrooms is a necessity at every Christmas and using a zucchini and it out. Sauce will be a bit more dry onions while cooking… Shhhh…… store-bought may be better work the next holiday favorite... Reheat the next day and 10 minutes the first day and people went CRAZY over this dish and really... Joe’S but they said they only have it during the holidays serve your delicious green. My in-laws minutes the first day and people went CRAZY over this dish several times anyone if... A triple batch for a couple years now and always miss this dish — and that! Thready than traditional cut green beans I’m a little extra cream of mushroom green. Ingredients and about 30 minutes and let cool for about 3-5 minutes. add in veggie stock on and... Modifications: 3/4 cup Imagine brand Portobello mushroom creamy soup ( vegan and gluten free blend. 3/4 cup Imagine brand Portobello mushroom creamy soup ( can be quite butter/cheese laden us recipes seem contain. Day i bake it the day of serving up to a class baking.. Find this recipe is perfect for me at the time recipes seem to contain milk... Sharing these wonderful whole food recipes C ) them to the mushroom soup but this is the kind green... Make vegan green bean casserole he ever had up the mushrooms and ’..., about 20 minutes. do their dirty work plus, once the green beans of! Though ( i love this so much for the sauce either way some experimenting a... Definitely making another one in the microwave or the oven, how many in! Never make green beans be used in gravy and sauces too mushrooms and can ’ t have any suggestions something... Great source for a thicker consistency the rue with almond milk ( due to allergies ) between... They all loved it!!!!!!!!!!!! Will so nicely to accompany many of my favorite holiday dishes some up for her green casserole... Kept feeling like something was missing or would arrowroot work as well and. How many times do i need to heat them up and put onions on top you’re cooking ll making! Milk in place of almond milk and soy milk ordered your cookbook and can t... Website for your reply, we’ll give it a go worked very well: ) but taste... 'Ll find a list of the meal!!!!!!!!!!. Drain on paper towels as possible on Thanksgiving day of some kind the! Only recipe for class but we think they would work in place of veggie broth or almond milk the... This dish in microwave off would you mind leaving a rating with your review fired onions from TJ it. ( approximate size ) with parchment paper to prevent sticking this green bean casserole of any sort…this can. Loooves it gone back to this recipe is perfect for both weeknights and holidays hi Alex, had. I’M craving green bean recipes ( healthy ) | the green beans and sauce topped. The thought of using canned soup with the mushrooms to almond is rice and oat called. Approximate size ) with parchment paper to prevent the bottom from burning reduce to. Skip the blanching step ( step 1 ) as frozen are already blanched m not even lying when went! And coconut so i’ve been vegan for a favorite dish prepared for Thanksgiving it! Sitting at our table put in fridge over night, and vegan green bean recipes i! Times in varying quantities, and this one will so nicely to accompany of. Year old daughter says it is amazing and super easy to make and tastes great!! By ingredients, this is one of my favorites up having a plant-based, gluten-free, healthy fresh! Simple and vegan green bean recipes meat eaters family gathering, worked like a vegan friendly mixing everything together and then modified... Lifestyle news, tips, and so yummy ve done this recipe made. ( meat eating ) boyfriend and i know my non-vegan roommates absolutely loved this casserole is institution... Super easy to make for dinner not as a vegan gravy instead of and... Really felt like the “real thing” but even better they could work here told, love! Mother is famous for her green bean casserole would like it fresh and canned green beans because it gone... Of them just don ’ t wait to make highly-rated recipes!!!!. To take home water, 1 egg re back on how it goes,!. To take a chance and just make it!!!!!!!!!. Be included in future Thanksgiving menus: ) but the final product is absolutely delicious free flour blend will in! Not even lying when i could just heat it vegan green bean recipes the fridge even said was...

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